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About Us

pogo Goa community

pogoGoa.com is a community welfare site built to help individuals and families involved in every occupation in Goa to showcase their business, products, and services to every person residing in or visiting Goa. Sticking to the ethos of Goa is of prime concern to us.

pogoGoa.com platform runs on latest 5th generation AI technology. This is the same technology used by Yelp and Foursquare – the top two directory listing sites in the world. You need to be a registered user to create your business/service listing and take advantage of the unbelievable features offered here. Registration is FREE.

Your contribution will go a long way to make this endeavor a great success. A simple way would be to create a buzz about pogoGoa.com on social media sites.

We also encourage visitors to submit write-ups of their villages and towns with images and videos. Only content that is 100% plagiarism free will be posted in the blog section. Post will contain author’s name, credentials, photo and address. Your mail should be titled pogoGoa Guest Posting. To submit CLICK HERE

Users are requested to report any listing that does not reflect the ethos of Goa.

This is a site dedicated solely to the activities in Goa alone. Please report anything that is otherwise.