This site has been visited by more than 250,000 visitors in the last one year and the number is growing. These are potential customers. Ads enable to display your listing/product/service at the top and most prominent locations.

Besides Homepage presently there are 37 categories for “Search Result Pages” and around 6,750+ “Individual Listing Pages”. Presently there are 35 “Blog Posts” covering the top 175 keywords about Goa used in Google search. New blog posts are being added regularly.


Pay per click ads are displayed in 3 sections. Ads are displayed on a rotational basis by the system automatically. The featured image in your listing will be displayed in the ads by default. Pay Per Click Ads are displayed in both desktop and mobile versions.

Spotlight Ads – displayed on home page (Rs. 5/- per click)

Top Of Search Ads – displayed on listing results pages (Rs. 3/- per click)

Sidebar Ads – displayed on side bar of individual listings pages (Rs. 2/- per click)

IMPORTANT: Minimum ads budget Rs. 1000/-

You can launch pay per click Listing Ads by clicking Ad Campaigns in your dashboard.

Watch video on “How To Create Ad Campaigns” on Tutorials page for guidance.


Place 300×250 size banner ads at the following locations.

Pay Per Day Ads are displayed on the entire site and all the time. You don’t need to have a listing.

Ads on “Search Results Pages” – Rs. 50/- per day (max 2 ads only)

Ads on ” Individual Listing Pages ” – Rs. 100/- per day (max 2 ads only)

Ads on ” Homepage ” – Rs. 100/- per day (max 3 ads only)

Ads on ” Blog Posts Sidebar ” – Rs. 50/- per day (max 3 ads only)


Place a 600×314 banner ad at any location within a blog post of your choice for just Rs. 100/- per day. Minimum Ads booking must be for 30 days.


Example of ads on “Search Results Pages” – CLICK HERE

Example of ads on “Individual Listing Pages” – CLICK HERE

Example of ads on “Homepage” – CLICK HERE

Example of ads on “Blog Posts Sidebar” – CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT: Minimum Ads booking for 30 days. Make payment using button below and mail us payment details along with image and Ads location details. To send mail CLICK HERE

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Minimum Ads booking for 30 days.
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