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Free Work From Home Opportunity

pogoGoa offers you a free work from home and earn money online from home opportunity. This is a real work from home opportunity. This is easy work from home for free that anyone can do on mobile phone.

pogoGoa platform offers excellent opportunity to earn income for any resident of Goa. You don’t even require a computer. Just use your mobile phone and start generating an income stream. You don’t require any qualification. If you know to use internet its enough.

Joining is FREE and members are provided with a superb user friendly dashboard to work. Our video tutorials provide complete training on how to utilize your dashboard.

There are two methods to go about. You can choose either method or both.

Method #1

Listing pages for thousands of businesses or services are already created and published. But they contain just basic information like business name, address, geo location, phone number etc. You can use this information to contact them and offer to update their business listing page. You can start with businesses in your locality first.

Method #2

There are many persons running a business or a service who would like to have an online presence but they do not know how to do it. You can create a listing page for them on pogoGoa platform.

To start with you can charge a nominal amount of Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 for creating a listing page. You can easily create a listing page in a few hours. Your earning prospects are unlimited. You can work on multiple listings at a time too.

However you need to follow certain rules.


Rule #1

Before creating a listing page you have to take the PERMISSION of the person owning the business or running the service.

– A business or service owner can claim any listing page by providing proof of ownership of business or service using the “Claim Now” option on the listing page.

– If you have not taken permission then you can lose all your work for nothing.

Rule #2

Title of listing should be NAME of a business or person.

Listings with title using just Generic words or phrases like “Places In Goa” or “Restaurants In Goa” will not be approved.

Rule #3

All media like photos and videos must be your own work. You can use YouTube video links but should not upload third party content. However you can use pictures from internet that do not have copyrights.

Free Photos Gallery

To help you we have prepared a collection of free photos, free pictures & free images.

Goa Photos: Goa Images Gallery

Global Photos: Free Stock Images


Before you start with a new listing page create a separate email address in the name of the business owner so that you can hand over the listing page login details once your work is complete and you have received your payment.

You can always start by creating a FREE listing page for someone just to prove your capabilities.


Take advantage of this offer on free work from home and earn money online from home opportunity. This is not some get rich quick scheme but a real work from home opportunity. Your earning potential from this easy work from home for free offer depends on your efforts only.

What are you waiting for? Get going now!

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