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Cafe Delicious is the best place in Goa to savor all kinds of Goan cuisine and Konkan dishes. Come and experience for yourself. Are you hungry? Where else?

Beef Cutlet Pao

Beef cutlet pao is a popular dish in Goa, India. It is made by coating beef cutlets in bread crumbs and frying them until they are golden brown. The cutlets are then placed on a bun called a pav, and topped with mustard, tomatoes, and onions. A spicy sauce called chutney is often served on the side.

Pao is a type of bread which is usually served with beef or pork cutlet in Goa. It is a popular dish in the state and can be found easily in restaurants. The bread is soft and fluffy, and goes well with the meat patty. Some people also like to add onion and tomato slices to their pao.

Pork Sol Mas

There are a few staple dishes that are found throughout Goa and pork sol mas is one of them. This dish is a pork curry that is made with coconut milk and spices. It is often served with rice, bread, or roti.

Pork sol mas is a Goan dish made of pork and masala. The pork is cooked in a spicy gravy made of coconut, spices, and vinegar. The dish is usually served with rice or roti.

Pork Choris Pao (Sausage Bread)

The pork choris pao is a dish that originated in the Indian state of Goa. It is made of pan-fried pork sausage slices served on a baguette-like bread roll and topped with a fiery chutney. Variations of this dish can also include diced onion, green pepper, and tomato. The pork choris pao is a popular street food item in Goa and is often considered to be the unofficial dish of the state.

The pork choris pao, or pork with a fiery mapo sauce, is a popular dish in the coastal Indian state of Goa. The dish is made by frying strips of pork in oil until they are crispy, then adding a spicy mapo sauce made from chilies, garlic, and Sichuan peppercorns. The sauce is usually served over steamed rice.

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